December 2008

$54 Million Settlement Reached in Maryland Fly Ash Lawsuit

(Baltimore Sun 12-31-08) A Baltimore judge approved a $54 million settlement Tuesday between Constellation Energy and a group of Gambrills residents whose drinking water was contaminated by fly ash, a byproduct of burning coal.

Coal Ash Spill Leads to Arsenic Warnings for Tennessee Wells

(Bloomberg 12-30-08) - Water samples near a billion-gallon spill of coal ash in eastern Tennessee have found levels of arsenic and other heavy metals higher than drinking-water standards, prompting a warning against using private wells in the area.

Coal Ash in Spill Could Not Have Been Used in Concrete

( 12-30-08) The ash from the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Kingston Fossil Plant that is now endangering the local community following a December 22 breach in a holding pond is most likely an 80/20 mix of fly ash (from smokestack pollution control systems) and bottom ash. To be used in concrete, fly ash must be low in residual carbon, as defined by ASTM Standard C 618. The boilers at the Kingston plant run at relatively low temperatures to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.

Coal Ash Spill Revives Issue of its Hazards

(New York Times 12-24-08) - What may be the nation’s largest spill of coal ash lay thick and largely untouched over hundreds of acres of land and waterways Wednesday after a dam broke this week, as officials and environmentalists argued over its potential toxicity.

Alliant Energy Coal Ash Reclamation

(Alliant - 2008) In 2007, Alliant Energy utility companies were able to beneficially use over 550,000 tons of coal combustion products (CCP), thereby diverting it from being placed in a landfill as a waste material. This includes fly ash, bottom ash, slag and other by-products generated from the direct combustion of coal.