April 2009

Building Green In Pursuit Of Platinum

(Associated Construction Publications 4-13-09) An Iowa college and an Iowa construction company, each founded more than 150 years ago on what was then still the frontier, are modern-day pioneers of sustainable building. Now pushing their experience and expertise to an even higher level, the partnership is pursuing a green trifecta, aiming to earn the state's first Platinum rating for Central's new $17-million Education and Psychology Building to be completed this summer.

TVA Buys 70 Properties Affected by Coal Ash Spill

(Associated Press 4-10-09) The Tennessee Valley Authority has spent more than $20 million buying up 71 properties tainted by a major coal ash spill in Tennessee and is negotiating to buy more. But the nation's largest public utility also has turned down 160 others hoping to sell out. "We are trying to balance between doing the right thing by the people that were impacted by this (and) keeping in mind that this is ratepayer money," TVA senior vice president Peyton Hairston told The Associated Press on Friday.

Concrete, with a Dash of Green

(Deccan Herald 4-10-09) Soaring above the Mississippi River just east of downtown Minneapolis is one remarkable concrete job. There on Interstate 35W, the St Anthony Falls Bridge carries ten lanes of traffic on box girders borne by massive arching piers, which are supported, in turn, by footings and deep pilings. The bridge is constructed almost entirely of concrete embedded with steel reinforcing bars, or rebar.

Fly Ash Can be Used Safely

(Chief Engineer – 2009) Researchers at the University of North Dakota, who have been studying coal ash for decades, hope a billion-gallon sludge spill in Tennessee won’t set back efforts to promote the ash as an environmentally friendly product. UND’s Energy and Environmental Research Center says coal ash has been safely used in products ranging from concrete and carpet to bowling balls.