July 2010

Push For Fly Ash Use in Roads

(India Times 7-12-2010) The environment department wants fly ash to be used extensively in various types of construction work, particularly roads and highways. The state flyash management committee will hold a meeting later this month to assess the progress made so far in this regard. 

Wave Of EPA Regulations Could Overshadow New Pollution Rule

(NASDAQ 7-10-2010) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a major set of power-plant air-pollution rules this week, but even more far- reaching regulations are in the works.
Within the next several months, the EPA is expected to develop new rules to reduce mercury and hazardous air pollutants, while also creating standards for coal ash.
"This regulatory train wreck will have a big impact on the power sector," said Dan Riedinger, a spokesman for the Edison Electric Institute.

The Cost of Regulating Coal Ash in Wisconsin

(Milwaukee News 7-2-2010) New regulations for the disposing of coal ash proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency are likely to increase costs for utilities in Wisconsin, which are particularly dependent on coal – and those costs are expected to be passed on to consumers. The regulations may also make it more difficult for Milwaukee’s utility, WE Energies, to sell the ash, which is a byproduct of the coal burning process. It’s successfully marketed this waste product to concrete, cement and wallboard manufacturers.