August 2010

TVA's Top Executive to Give Ash Spill Deposition

(Business Week 8-31-2010) The Tennessee Valley Authority's top executive is to answer questions behind closed doors for seven hours about the utility's coal ash spill.
TVA Chief Executive Officer Tom Kilgore is scheduled to give a deposition Tuesday at the utility's headquarters in Knoxville, answering questions by lawyers for people who have filed damage lawsuits. A TVA spokeswoman said the session is closed to reporters.

EPA to Decide Whether Coal Ash is Hazardous Waste

(USA Today 8-27-2010) The U.S. coal industry is bracing for tighter and more costly regulation of its waste. Environmental groups say that it's about time.
The Environmental Protection Agency next week is set to begin a month of hearings on whether coal-ash waste — what's left after coal is burned to make electricity — should be effectively treated as hazardous waste subject to tighter safeguards.