September 2010

Congressman Attacks EPA Proposal on Coal Ash

 (Aggregate Research 9-27-2010) Congressman argues on Floor of the House against EPA proposal that threatens jobs in coal, utilities, construction, and manufacturing industries 
Washington, DC – Congressman Alan B. Mollohan took to the Floor of the House last night to blast the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for proposing to regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste. 

Texans Testify About Coal-Burning Power Plant Ash

 (Associated Press 9-9-2010) Hundreds of people showed up at a public hearing to take comments on whether ash from coal-burning power plants should be classified as hazardous waste.
On one side were environmentalists who said the change would protect water supplies; on the other were industry and state officials who insisted that current regulations are enough.

Report Says No Health Harm From Coal Ash Spill

(Associated Press 9-7-2010)  Health officials have released a report that shows tests found no harm to public health from the December 2008 coal ash spill at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Kingston Plant.
The public health assessment says airborne ash could be a problem.
The report says there should be no harm from touching the ash and even though it contains arsenic, there should be no harm if a child accidentally eats it.

Coal Ash Rules Carry Costs

(Charlotte Business Journal 9-3-2010) Jimmy Knowles spends his days devising different uses for coal ash. As the head of market research and development for The SEFA Group — formerly known the Southeastern Fly Ash Co. — Knowles envisions a new future for a substance many experts consider a dangerous waste product.