Ash Resources Adds Quality to Construction

 (The Voice 12-17-2010) South African Fly Ash manufacturers, Ash Resources have announced great news not only for their shareholders, but also for players in the construction industry as they prepare for a major expansion into Botswana. On Monday the company’s representatives brought together construction industry players at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) as they outlined their wonder ash products that are, by all accounts, set to improve both the physical and environmental qualities of building materials.

Rocktron Launches Fly Ash Technology in Asia

(European Plastics 12-9-2010) UK-based RockTron has signed a deal with Malaysian energy provider Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to transform fly ash into materials such as fillers and extenders in polymers, as well as cementitous substances. RockTron launched its recycled fly ash technology last year. The company extracts high performance fillers from the waste ash produced at coal-fired power stations, using the recovered products in bulk applications and some high performance fillers.

Vectren Showcases Recycling Project at Posey County Power Plant

 When Vectren burns coal at its power plants, electricity isn't the only thing that's produced. The coal combustion process also produces fly ash, a particulate matter that the Evansville-based utility company must dispose of properly. Vectren's fly ash used to end up in ash ponds or landfills, but now it's being used as a component in the manufacture of concrete.

Wisconsin Beneficially Reuses 85% of Statewide Coal Ash

(Newswire 12-1-2010) The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is showing the nation how the smart use of coal ash, bottom ash and gypsum from coal-burning operations in construction projects can save dollars and protect Wisconsin’s air and water quality.
Coal ash, bottom ash and gypsum, the byproducts from burning coal to produce electricity, are under consideration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to be classified as a special hazardous waste to be managed as a solid waste. 

Phase 1 of TVA Coal Ash Cleanup Complete

 (Knoxnews 12-1-2010) The last rail cars loaded with coal ash dredged after a catastrophic spill nearly two years ago departed TVA's Kingston Fossil Plant on Wednesday. Officials hailed the event as a milestone in the mammoth ongoing cleanup effort.

Wisconsin Could Become Coal Ash Model

(Milwaukee Buzz 11-22-2010) Research by the University of Wisconsin-Madison could influence federal policy on how to handle coal ash – the byproduct of burning coal, typically to generate electricity. Although some environmental advocates consider it hazardous waste, it’s long been used in the state as aggregate material for road and construction projects. Wisconsin’s rules on recycling of fly ash, enforced by its Department of Natural Resources, could become a national model for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

US Chamber of Commerce Letter to EPA, Federal Coal Ash Regulation Unnecessary & Costs Jobs

 (US Chamber of Commerce 11-19-2010) 
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation representing more than three million businesses and organizations of every size, sector, and region, is pleased to provide the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with its comments on Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-RCRA-2009-0640. See 75 Fed. Reg. 35128 (June 21, 2010).

Tennessee Department of Health Found "No Harm to Health from Touching Coal Ash"

The Tennessee Department of Health released it's final health assessment for the TVA Coal Ash Spill.  The assessment found that "no harm to health should have occurred from touching the coal ash," a four-page assessment fact sheet says. "People had an opportunity to be exposed to the coal ash for about one month before TVA either relocated the families or fenced off the coal ash. While coal ash might cause skin irritation, the irritation will stop as soon as the coal ash is washed off."

Kingston Coal Ash Spill Public Health Assessment

 The Public Health Assessment for the Kingston Coal Ash Spill has been released by the Tennessee Department of Health. The document summarizes an environmental public health investigation performed by the State of Tennessee Department of Health’s Environmental Epidemiology Program. The report is conducted under a Cooperative Agreement with the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry. 

EPA In the Cross Hairs

 ( 10-19-2010) Congressional Republicans planning an assault on the Obama administration’s environmental record aim to turn Lisa Jackson into public enemy No. 1. On the campaign trail, Republicans have adopted the Environmental Protection Agency as a favorite symbol of the White House’s regulatory overreach. And behind the scenes in Washington, GOP staffers and K Street lobbyists who say they've been dissed by the EPA administrator are looking forward to getting some revenge.