Greenest Brick Scientist, Henry Lui, Writes EPA Against a Hazardous Waste Designation for Fly Ash

Subject: Comment and Suggestion on Proposed Change of Classification for Fly Ash

Dear Mr. Hale:

I am the inventor of the Greenest Brick technology which won the 2008 C2P2 Award in Innovation, an award co-sponsored by EPA. My invention was also selected by both TIME and POPULAR SCIENCE magazines as one of top ten best inventions of 2007. I am also an emeritus professor of civil and environmental engineering (University of Missouri – Columbia). I would like to respond to the proposed EPA new regulation to classify coal-generated fly ash as a ―hazardous waste.‖ The opinion expressed here is strictly my own and is not reflecting that of any institution that I am affiliated with.
Frankly, I am against the proposed new regulation for the following reasons: