Manager of TVA Cleanup Says Project Should be Done in 3 Years

After only three days on the job, the Tennessee Valley Authority's new point man for the Kingston ash spill cleanup predicted Thursday the project would be complete within three years. Steve McCracken, who was named general manager for the recovery project on Monday, said at a news conference at the Kingston Fossil Plant that the properties affected by the spill would be safe for people to return to and that he would have no qualms about living near the plant once the cleanup is finished.
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60 Minutes "Is Coal Ash Safe?

I was greatly dissapointed with the 60 Minutes segment last evening.  Instead of sound inquiry Ms. Stahl either due to lack of time or interest decided to ask only closed ended questions and let ineptitude hang itself.  There are sound and solid answers to the problem that actually pay the investor back.  This kind of reporting is just another example of why the emotion of sound byte reporting leads to incomplete and ineffective legislation and onerous fuzzy regulation.