Tennessee Department of Health Found "No Harm to Health from Touching Coal Ash"

The Tennessee Department of Health released it's final health assessment for the TVA Coal Ash Spill.  The assessment found that "no harm to health should have occurred from touching the coal ash," a four-page assessment fact sheet says. "People had an opportunity to be exposed to the coal ash for about one month before TVA either relocated the families or fenced off the coal ash. While coal ash might cause skin irritation, the irritation will stop as soon as the coal ash is washed off."
The fact sheet goes on the say that while there were elevated levels of arsenic, no children near the Kingston Fossil Plant site, where the December 2008 disaster occurred, are expected to develop chronic health effects.
"The period of exposure to the coal ash was very short," the fact sheet says. "Small children had little opportunity for direct contact with the coal ash because of the cold, wet weather and the fencing of the ash to prevent contact, as well as the diligence of parents in keeping their children away from the coal ash. The exposure frequency and exposure duration were not long enough to cause harm to the health of children or adults."
To view the Tennessee Department of Health Kingston Coal Ash Spill Fact Sheet please go to:  http://health.state.tn.us/Environmental/PDFs/pha_fact_sheet%20sept%202010.pdf