Ash Resources Adds Quality to Construction

 (The Voice 12-17-2010) South African Fly Ash manufacturers, Ash Resources have announced great news not only for their shareholders, but also for players in the construction industry as they prepare for a major expansion into Botswana. On Monday the company’s representatives brought together construction industry players at the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) as they outlined their wonder ash products that are, by all accounts, set to improve both the physical and environmental qualities of building materials.
When explaining the different qualities of the wonder ash products supplied by Ash Resources, the company’s Channel Manager-Construction, Andrew McKeen said the products are classified as DuraPozz, DuraPozz Pro, SuperPozz, Pozzfill and PozzSand. “Ranked the world’s best fly ash for its consistent size, low LOI value and highly reactive chemical properties, DuraPozz is the highest volume selling classified fly ash in South Africa for use in cement manufacturing and by the concrete industry.
it has a mean particle size of 25 micron, and complying to specification requirements, typically 90% of the product’s particles pass through a 45 micron sieve. In comparison the typical particle size distribution of general purpose cement ranges up to 100 micron with a mean particle size of 35 micron,” he said.
McKeen said Ash Resources are also offering to the cement and concrete industry the DuraPozz Pro which he said is a  premium classified fly ash product. “It is basically an enhancement of the DuraPozz properties. DuraPozz offers key requirements such as higher reactivity from a greater concentration of the glass phase, leading to higher ultimate concrete strengths, increased fineness and particle surface area from the additional fraction of fine spheres passing a 45 micron sieve. It also offers lower residual carbon, giving a whiter fly ash plus less activated carbon, which can adversely absorb super-plasticisers and other concrete admixtures.
Among others it also reduces water requirement promoting stronger concrete and it also has increased strength gain in concrete after 28 days.
As for SuperPozz, McKeen said, it is designed to meet the needs for an ultra or super-fine fly ash to formulate high performance concretes particularly where durability is a key consideration or to meet construction challenge brought about by architectural creativity. One of the key attributes, he said, is the significant improvement in long term concrete performance with the resulting reduction in maintenance costs.
Another product, PozzFill, is used in the production of general purpose concrete products and in the manufacture of cement and McKeen said is used for structural fill, road stabilisation, grouts, mine back-filling and dry precast products. PozzSand on the other hand, he said, is termed a ‘conditioned’ fly ash product in that approximately 10% potable water is added to fly ash enabling PozzSand to be transported in tipper trucks, which are covered by tarpaulin to minimise dust. “As the name suggests, the product can be used as a reactive replacement for fine sand in concrete and is often used by cement producers as a source of alumina (AI2O3) – typical value in fly ash >30% – for the ‘raw’ mix or kiln feed.”
McKeen said they work with consultants, architects and civil engineers to ensure that the unique properties of their products are recognised for providing robust solutions for durable concrete in aggressive environments.
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