CERATECH Launches KEMROK High-Performance Cement

(Azom.com 4-25-2011) CERATECH has released an advanced high-performance construction cement system, KEMROK, for industrial, petrochemical and heavy commercial infrastructure applications.
The concrete produced from the KEMROK non-portland system has higher durability, superior corrosion resistance and faster set-times. It also reduces the installation cost when compared to other standard concrete. These advantages deliver huge financial savings in terms of labor, materials, and production downtime. Hence, the KEMROK cement system is cost-effective compared to conventional portland cement.
The KEMROK is available either as concrete repair mix or bulk cement packages. It features a new green cement, which has been used in all the company’s brands. The green solution is made from 5% renewable materials and 95% recycled coal ash using a carbon-free technique, unlike traditional portland process that produces one ton of carbon dioxide for each ton of cement. The green product meets the LEED rating system of the U.S. Green Building Council on higher sustainability rates.
Alpha Natural Resources, one of the leading coal producers in the U.S., has made a considerable investment in CERATECH in March 2011 for its technical expertise and industry acceptance.
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