Donation Helps Students Stay Safe

(Co-op News 3-1-2012) Students in a North Dakota school district now have a safe place to walk and bike to class, thanks to a Minnesota G&T. A donation from a G&T helped a North Dakota town repair sidewalks near a K-12 school.   Great River Energy, Maple Grove, donated more than 1,300 tons of fly ash to the city of Washburn for repair and construction of sidewalks and trails, some of them located near its K-12 school.
The ash came from the G&T’s Coal Creek Station near Washburn, N.D., and was a major ingredient in a refurbished walkway under the four-lane Highway 83 and 2.2 miles of a multi-use concrete trail for students and pedestrians.
“We wouldn’t have been able to do the projects as quickly without the donation,” said Melissa Price, city director of Washburn. “We were able to extend the sidewalk to the school from the tunnel and complete the trail so that it virtually encircles the city.”
Great River Energy donated two batches of the material: 306 tons of bottom ash for soil stabilizer for the Highway 83 path and 165 cubic yards of fly ash for the multi-use trail. The donations totaled nearly $100,000.
“We are a longtime supporter of the communities in which we have plants and employees, and the communities know that we donate bottom ash and concrete with fly ash for community projects,” said Lyndon Anderson, a communications supervisor at the G&T.
During construction projects, fly ash replaces costlier cement and can make sidewalks more durable by preventing water seepage.
Other benefits include the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. According to industry data, every ton of fly ash used in place of cement offsets about a ton of emissions.
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