Nashik may get a fly ash cluster project

(The Times of India 04-08-2013) NASHIK: A brick-manufacturing cluster project for small units engaged in making bricks from fly ash is likely to come up in Nashik soon. The District Industry Centre (DIC), Nashik, is planning to set up the cluster project by putting up a common facility centre for the units engaged in making bricks from fly ash, generated from the thermal power station at Eklahare near Nashik.
Speaking to TOI, general manager of DIC Nashik, Sahebrao Patil, said, "There are around 15 to 20 units near Nashik, engaged in making bricks from fly ash. We are planning a cluster project for the units making fly ash products. The common facility centre will be set up for these units under the cluster project, which will include machinery and advanced technology for the project. We are studying how the cluster project can be set up in Nashik. Initially a cohesive group of these units will be formed."
Patil further said, "There is already a brick-making unit operational in Chandrapur. We are planning to organize a study tour of the people engaged in making bricks from fly ash, to Chandrapur unit shortly."
The project is to be set up under the scheme of the state government, which will be operational with effect from April 1, 2013. As part of the new industrial policy, the state has introduced the new common facility centre for industrially undeveloped areas. Accordingly, the state will give a grant of up to Rs 5 crore for each group to set up a common facility centre for various projects.
"Apart from the fly ash cluster, we are studying which other small cluster projects can be set up in the radius of 40-50 km from Nashik, particularly in Trimbakeshwar, Harsul, Surgana etc," Patil added.
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