Coal Combustion Products Market Analysis

In 2004, the United States produced over 122 million tons of coal combustion products, over 49 million tons of which were used constructively. This makes 2004 the first year in which over 40 percent of the CCPs from coal-fired power plants were effectively utilized. The market value of various coal combustion products is determined by several factors. These include the uses for which the properties of the material make it suitable, distance to the user, and the state and local specifications that determine which purposes are allowed. The American Coal Ash Association estimates ranges of expected values for some of these products:


  • Cement-quality fly ash—$40–60/ton
  • Self-cementing fly ash for soil stabilization—$10–20/ton
  • Bottom ash and fly ash for snow and ice control—$3–6/ton
  • Bottom ash and fly ash for road base— $4–8/ton
  • Self-cementing fly ash for oilfield grouting and waste stabilization—$15–25/ton
  • Fly ash for use in flowable fill—$1/ton


Selling price is only one economic aspect of coal combustion product utilization. If these products are not used in a commercial application, power plants incur costs associated with disposal, which can be as low as $3/ton for onsite disposal but as high as $50/ton for landfilling in areas where space is scarce or long hauls are required.


Use of Coal Combustion Products Based on The American Coal Ash Association 2004