Building Green In Pursuit Of Platinum

(Associated Construction Publications 4-13-09) An Iowa college and an Iowa construction company, each founded more than 150 years ago on what was then still the frontier, are modern-day pioneers of sustainable building. Now pushing their experience and expertise to an even higher level, the partnership is pursuing a green trifecta, aiming to earn the state's first Platinum rating for Central's new $17-million Education and Psychology Building to be completed this summer. To garner Platinum, LEED's highest certification so far achieved by fewer than 70 structures worldwide, they are incorporating numerous special, non-typical systems and materials into the three-story, 56,000-square-foot design that features 13 classrooms and 22 offices. The use of recycled products is an important aspect of the non-typical construction used throughout the building and includes high-recycle content concrete that is a 50-percent mix replacement with slag or fly ash. "We usually don't go above 20 percent on replacement," says Heyne. "The workability is similar to standard concrete, but the curing time is longer."