August 2010

Power Plant Waste Could Be Used to Clean Up Oil From BP Disaster

(Fast Company 8-5-2010) After over 100 days, the BP oil leak finally appears to be plugged. But while the White House claims that the vast majority of oil has evaporated or been cleaned up with burning, oil skimmers, and dispersants, there is still plenty of the sticky stuff lingering just below the ocean's surface. One potential solution: power plant waste.

RockTron's Recycling Revolution

(Industrial Fules and Uses 8-2-2010) RockTron, an award-winning pioneer in recycling, has designed and built a new plant that can transform coal-fired power station waste, called fly ash or PFA (pulverised fuel ash), into highly valuable industrial eco-minerals. RockTron can recycle both fresh and stockpiled fly ash, reducing the need for costly and environmentally unfriendly long-term waste storage.Fly ash currently poses a huge global environmental problem, with an estimated 2bnt of fly ash currently stored in landfill sites and ash dumps worldwide, and over 100Mt in the UK alone.