September 2010

‘Green’ Concrete Cuts 90pc More Greenhouse Gases Than Ordinary Cement

 (Aggregate Research 9-29-2010) Louisiana Tech University is developing geopolymer concrete, an innovative and environmentally friendly building material, with a life cycle greenhouse gas reduction potential - as much as 90 percent when compared with ordinary Portland cement.
Developed by Dr. Erez Allouche, research director for the TTC, and his team, geopolymer concrete utilizes “fly ash”, one of the most abundant industrial by-products, as a substitute for Portland cement, the most widely produced man-made material on earth.

Greening the Big Apple: how building got sustainable in the Bronx

 (The Ecologist 9-28-2010) In 2008, in an effort to raise money in the face of a crippling budget deficit, the New York City Housing Authority announced that it would sell off several acres of public land in the South Bronx. Rather than simply giving the land to the highest bidder, however, the city prioritised developments that would incorporate sustainable design and give affordable housing a modern green face.

Green Advisors: Waste Reduction Partners Helps Asheville-Area Organizations Save Money in Environmentally Friendly Ways

(Citizen Times 9-12-2010) A program aimed at helping local businesses, governments and schools save money in ways that are environmentally friendly was green before green was cool.
Waste Reduction Partners is a program of the Land-of-Sky Regional Council, a multicounty local government planning and development organization.
The program, started in 1992, taps into the volunteer expertise of retired scientists, engineers and others to develop cost-savings plans that also benefit the environment.