January 2011

Fly Ash May be Key in Concrete

(Missouri University of Science and Technology 1-31-2011) A researcher at Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology is leading a study to increase the amount of fly ash used in concrete. If successful, the effort could divert millions of tons of the waste product away from ponds and landfills and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Recycled Aggregate for Carbon Neutral Concrete

 (Sustainable Construction 1-27-2010) With the development of environmentally conscious construction projects across the world, there are still many demands of building materials that today’s technologies have not yet satisfied.  Looking at the two main structural building materials, steel and concrete, one in particular lacks characteristics of carbon neutrality.  While steel is nearing full recycled production, concrete remains a very carbon intensive process.  The main contributor to this trait is portland cement.

LEED Gold Luxury Up for Auction Uses Fly Ash

 What’s big, green, and gold, and headed for auction in Aspen, Colorado? Vision House Aspen, Aspen’s first Gold LEED- certified home, billed as pairing “environmentally friendly features with luxury mountain living,” slated for sale at a live, on-site auction on January 28, 2011.