May 2011

Scientist Discovers New Use for Industrial Fly Ash

(NTD Television 5-30-2011) Coal-firing plants which burn coal to generate electricity produce a residue waste material called fly ash. The dust-like substance is China's single biggest source of solid industrial waste. 

Utilizing Coal Fly Ash & Recycled Glass in Developing Green Concrete Materials

(Aggregate Research 5-26-2011) The environmental impact of portland cement concrete production has motivated researchers and the construction industry to evaluate alternative technologies for incorporating recycled cementing materials and recycled aggregates in concrete.
One such technology is based on using pulverized glass as sand or pozzolan.

ACC Launches "Conrete+"

(Business Standard 5-14-2011) ACC Ltd, India’s foremost cement manufacturer and pioneer in cement and concrete technology, launched ‘Concrete+’, a premium eco-friendly cement brand in Bengaluru today. Concrete+ is technologically advanced cement in terms of higher strength and durability. This product will cater to the requirements of individual home builders in and around Bengaluru City.

Fly Ash Used to Create Stronger Concrete

(Engineering News 5-13-2011) Fly ash products manufacturer Ash Resources has introduced a new fly ash additives product to its range – DuraPozzPro.
The new product is the finest form of fly ash the company produces, and is intended for the high-end market. The company gathers fly ash from coal-fired power stations, before processing it and selling it for use in concrete mixtures.