June 2011

4 Environmental Benefits to Using Green Concrete

(Aggregate Research 6-22-2011) Geopolymer concrete, or green concrete, is part of a movement to create construction materials that have a reduced impact on the environment. It is made from a combination of an inorganic polymer and 25 to 100 percent industrial waste. Here is a list of 4 benefits to using green concrete for your next project.
1. Lasts Longer

One World Trade Center Rising on "Super Concrete"

(Aggregate Research 6-9-2011) The concrete core of the new One World Trade Center Tower has now ascended above the 66th floor, and its steel columns stretch several floors higher.
For New Yorkers and, indeed, for all Americans and civilized people around the world, it is a potent symbol of freedom’s triumph over terrorism. The building may no longer be called “Freedom Tower,” but that name will surely embody its enduring legacy.