July 2012

Coal concerns top McKinley’s agenda

(The Hill 7-9-2012) Walking into Rep. David McKinley’s (R-W.Va.) office, the first thing a visitor notices is the life-size poster above his couch of coal miner James Brandon and his young daughter, Kailee. “I’m looking out for this guy right here,” McKinley said, pointing to the poster. “When I came to Washington, I found out that the mining industry did not have very much respect and these individuals were treated as numbers and I’m trying to personalize it for anyone who comes into the office.”

Law should encourage fly ash recycling

(Billings Gazette 7-1-2012) The Corette power plant employs 40 hard-working Montanans. The plant recycles fly ash – a byproduct of burning coal – for beneficial uses like concrete production. But those jobs could be in peril if Congress doesn’t pass a provision in the highway bill to encourage the use of fly ash by creating an environmental standard and giving states the regulatory authority.